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Q200570 Error message: (76) Path not found - FysnPatchTempICAFile - pwrmenu.exe

Program: pwrmenu.exe
Procedure: FysnPatchTempICAFile
Error: (76) Path not found
Machine: [machinename]

For a (workstation) environment, a passthrough ICA application has been created in the Real Enterprise Manager as described below. Instant File Association has also been enabled for this application.

Application: c:\program files\citrix\ica client\wfcrun32.exe
Parameter: \\server\share\*.ica

E.g. the above published application is Microsoft Excel.

When an Excel document in an Explorer is (double-) clicked, the associated application will be started, but without the initial document. When the published application will be launched from the RES PowerFuse Start menu, the application will be started without any errors.

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